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Contact Lenses Exam

Contact Lenses Exam

The use of contact lenses is becoming more and more popular each year. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy the convenience of having clear vision without having to wear glasses all the time? If adequately taken care of with a proactive health approach, most individuals could have great success with contact lens wear. If you are trying contact lenses for the first time, the doctor assesses the shape and curvature of your eye to ​select a contact lens that would not only provide the best vision, but would also be the best fit for your eyes. Following the initial lens selection with the doctor, you would then undergo a contact lens training session where you are taught to properly insert and remove contact lenses, clean and disinfect the contact lenses and how to handle ​your contact lenses. You are then given a trial pair that you can try out for a few days ​to ensure that the chosen contact lens is the right fit for you!

contact lenses exam

Why do I need my routine eye exam every year if I am a contact lens wearer?

​Although contact lenses are convenient and work great with our active and busy lifestyles, they do have the potential to cause changes to our eyes. Contact lenses reduce the amount of oxygen that enters your eye, as there is a physical layer that separates your eye from the air. If worn too much or inadequately, the lack of adequate oxygen can cause changes to the eye that can in turn start damaging the eye. These changes are essential to detect at an early stage to ensure that appropriate measures can be taken to treat them or prevent them from worsening. Yearly eye exams for contact lens wearers ensure that there are no such changes that are occurring in your eyes.

Do contact lenses only correct a small amount of near-sightedness?

​Certainly not. Contact lens technology is constantly changing and improving, and at Urban Eyecare, we make sure to stay updated on all the latest contact lens technology. Our doctor fits patients with mild, moderate and severe amounts of near-sightedness and far-sightedness and those who have astigmatism. In addition, there are also contact lenses available for those who require a distance and near correction, called multifocal contact lenses. These provide you with clear distance and near vision without having to pull out those reading glasses!

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