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Dry Eye Disease Treatment

dry eyes


Dry eye disease is a very common and debilitating condition, which is much more than just your eyes feeling dry. An individual with dry eye disease could experience a variety of symptoms ranging from burning, irritation, dryness, itchiness, grittiness, contact-lens sensitivity, pain, redness, foreign body sensation, and soreness. There are two main causes of dry eye disease: lack of adequate tear secretion by the gland that produces tears, and quick evaporation of tears from our ocular surface once they are produced. The treatment for dry eye can range anywhere from unclogging the oil glands of the eye to nutritional supplements to the use of corticosteroid drops and other prescription eye drops.

Our doctor at Urban Eyecare has a special interest in dry eye disease treatment, and has made the effort to receive extra training and perform research in the area of dry eye disease. She stays current in her knowledge of the advancements of treatment of dry eye disease, and applies that knowledge to treat those with this dynamic condition on a routine basis.

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Dry Eye Disease Treatment