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Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive Eye Exam

What is included in an eye exam?

A comprehensive eye exam includes the following:

  • distance and near visual acuity measurement
  •  eye teaming and eye tracking assessment
  • prescription check for distance and near
  • an in-depth ocular health check from the front of the eye to the back
  • eye pressure measurement
  • retinal photos using the retinal camera technology
  • dilated fundus examination, if needed





Comprehensive Eye Exam

How often should I be getting a comprehensive eye exam?

Comprehensive eye exams are recommended once a year for all contact lens wearers and those who are being monitored for any ocular conditions. For non-contact lens wearers with no concerns, comprehensive eye exams are recommended once every two years.

Why do I need routine eye exams if I see 20/20?

Vision is beyond just seeing 20/20. There are several eye conditions where the distance vision is unaffected, yet the visual system fails to work adequately due to eye teaming and coordination problems resulting in constant eye strain and headaches. If you have good vision, the purpose of routine eye examinations is to ensure adequate eye teaming and oculomotor functions, and to screen for eye conditions that can affect the front and back of the eye. Most eye conditions are very subtle in nature when they begin making it impossible for you to detect them until they are quite advanced, which in most cases is too late to treat. These subtle signs are easily detectable by an eyecare professional when they look at the front and back of your eye during your routine eye examination. When detected early, many eye conditions are treatable to either stop or slow down their progression.

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